Friday, April 27

Veritas in member poaching shock

UKIP has always swapped members with the BNP, New Britain Party and other extremist fringe parties. Veritas, the Kilroy-Silk vanity project with a handful of members, is the latest to poach members from UKIP.

Readers may be interested in this tale of high farce in the UKIP Falmouth and Camborne branch. In 2004, a member of the local party was asked by Gerard Batten to organise a meeting for Kilroy to speak at only to discover, when she arrived at the venue, that the UKIP leadership telephoned local party members not to attend. Clearly the UKIP leadership were more interesting in protecting their positions than in generating publicity and new members for their cause. The phrase 'ferrets in a sack' springs to mind!

Thursday, April 26

Ashley Mote - defender of the EU? Shurely shome mishtake!

Interesting to see how UKIP's prodigal son Ashley Mote is going native in the European Parliament. In a speech in the European Parliament yesterday, Mr Mote complained about a "threat to the integrity" of the European Parliament, citing a ruling in the British courts that he added was "prima facie contempt of the Parliament. The Court ruled that in lifting the immunity of an MEP who faces specific charges, the European Parliament is assumed to have lifted immunity against any other possible charges.

Confusing stuff you might think, especially from a man who was elected on the basis of opposing the EU, its institutions and all it does. Still, maybe Ashley Mote is trying to carve out a niche for himself as a champion of the European Parliament. However, UKIPwatcher suspects that, unfortunately, Mr Mote has not had a 'Road to Damascus' conversion to the necessity for the UK to be in the EU.

Rather, Mote has been using his parliamentary immunity as an MEP to try and stave off being prosecuted by the Department for Work and Pensions for benefit fraud (he has been facing charges since 2004). This latest ruling means that he could finally be prosecuted. Thus, the European Parliament challenging this ruling is the only way for him to save his skin.

Oh, Ashley, what a tangled web you weave….

Wednesday, April 25

David Noakes' Nazi fetish

UKIPwatcher has come across this gruesomely fascinating exchange of views on the Independence and Democracy Forum (also know as loonies letterbox).

In this, former leadership candidate David Noakes, who polled over 10% of the vote from the UKIP membership, claims that UKIP's membership is collapsing not because of the ineptitude of their elected MEPs or the weakness of their arguments, but, wait for it, because the EU has planted moles in local party branches to "subvert" UKIP! Baffled? UKIPwatcher certainly is!

However, although Mr Noakes is not the most impartial or reliable information source, he blows the whistle on what appears to be a culture of corruption within UKIP. For example, illegally paying its regional officers using EU (ie taxpayers' money), only 15% of members donations reaching the party accounts, dodgy accounting in general, and concluding that UKIP is insolvent and should be declared bankrupt.

However, it gets better. Mr Noakes, manages to compare German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Nazi Germany in the same breath as describing the EU as a Nazi-creation. Continuing the 'Nazi' theme, he then accuses Tory leader David Cameron of having close family links to, you've guessed it, the Nazi party. This makes for amusing but painful reading - how can these people who are so eye-wateringly detached from reality claim that their party is telling the truth on anything?

Tuesday, April 24

Tales of a taxdodging U-kipper

Interesting to see that the Tom Wise approach to taxpayers is becoming ingrained in the UKIP psyche. UKIP candidate in Devon, John Kelly, has decided that he won't pay his council tax because East Devon District Council pays a small amount of money - which works out at about 5p per person per year - towards the South West Regional Assembly. Mr Kelly somewhat spuriously claims that the existence of regional assemblies is part of the 'EU plot' to break up the UK, conveniently ignoring the fact that they have been government policy for the past ten years.

Still, if John Kelly thinks that elected and more autonomous regional assemblies are a waste of space, doesn't this contradict UKIPs mantra about handing more powers to local communities. Also, if he objects to elected regional assemblies that would logically mean he is opposed to his party's elected MEPs in Brussels. But then UKIP never let consistency get in the way of a cheap publicity stunt.

Monday, April 23

A beautiful marriage....

UKIPwatcher notes that former U-kipper and alleged benefit fraudster Ashley Mote continues his flirtation with the BNP. The BNP magazine, ironically titled 'Voice of Freedom', (but not so free if you happen not to be 'anglo-saxon' whatever that is) plugs two of Ash's learned theses here.

It should be a surprise to nobody if Mote joins the BNP. After all, as a member of the fascists corner (the ITS group) in the European Parliament, he sits with Jean Marie Le Pen and Jorg Haider's henchmen.

Friday, April 20

Confusion surrounds ‘suspension’ of Wise

Even UKIP’s supporters cannot decide whether Tom Wise actually has been suspended or not. Although UKIP say the dodgy MEP has been suspended from the party following revelations he swindled £36,000 of public money to buy himself a car, and also hypocritically received £8,000 from the EU to pay for a failed libel case, UKIP supporters are none the Wiser (sorry!) as to his status. The confusion stems from the fact that although UKIP claim Tom Wise has been suspended from the party, he is actually still a member of the Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament, unlike Ashley Mote, who was suspended from both UKIP and the Ind/Dem Group.

A recent poll from the UKIP supporter’s website showed that: 5% believe he has been suspended; 5% believe the whole episode is part of a conspiracy by the “left-wing media”; 41% say he has been suspended from UKIP but not the Independent Democracy Group in the European Parliament; and 47% said “Don't ask me what goes on in the UKIP group in Brussels, I'm only a UKIP member.”

UKIP supporter Tony Bennett perfectly summed up the current shambles that is UKIP with the following poem:

Twelve UKIP MEPs, one of them from Devon -
One faced criminal charges, then there were eleven.

Eleven UKIP MEPS, all of them men -
One left to form his own party, then there were ten.

Ten UKIP MEPs, fond of wine and dine -
One spent Eurocash on a Peugeot, then there were nine.

Tuesday, April 17

BNP urge supporters to vote UKIP

Iain Dale made a good observation on his blog about the BNP urging their supporters to vote UKIP in the forthcoming local elections where they are unable to vote BNP. An article on the BNP website that listed all the electoral wards where UKIP are putting candidates forward in May’s local election, and according to Dale, this, “by implication urges BNP members to vote for them [UKIP]”. The article on the BNP’s website also draws attention to the fact that they have “so much politically in common” with UKIP.

Tell me something I don’t know!

Wednesday, April 11

Keep digging Thomas....

More news on UKIP's chancer-in-chief Tom Wise who, not content with claiming £36,000 to pay his researcher and then pocketing £30,000 of it himself (and buying a fancy French car), used a further £8,000 of taxpayers' money to try and sue fellow rabid eurosceptic U-kipper Greg Lance-Watkins for libel.

Mr Lance-Watkins, who runs the eurorealist website, made the mistake of thinking that this practice was not terribly transparent and accused Tom (not very) Wise of wrongdoing.

Needless to say, after consulting his solicitor Stephan Welfare, Mr Wise decided to not to take legal action, but not before running up an £8,000 bill which Mr Welfare confirmed had been paid by the EU.

Though it's amusing that he thought he could get away with it - Tom Wise is as low as a dachsund's belly.

Tuesday, April 3

UKIP launch Holyrood campaign in style

The launch of UKIPs campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections in Edinburgh saw some of Fleet Street's finest travel to take in the show.

The event was held at the Dynamic Earth exhibition centre, with a man dressed as a dinosaur guarding the entrance. A stroke of genius considering that UKIP's leaders, and the party's campaign literature, are distinctly prehistoric.

Most disappointing was the no-show of Nigel Farage (every night gossip columnists must thank their lucky stars for the existence of naughty Nigel). Apparently Nigel was too busy preparing UKIP's court case against the Electoral Commission (UKIP faces bankruptcy if it loses, after the election watchdog ordered them to repay £360,000 that had not been properly accounted for).

Still, there's more chance of Ian Paisley becoming Pope than of UKIP getting any MSPs elected.