Friday, April 20

Confusion surrounds ‘suspension’ of Wise

Even UKIP’s supporters cannot decide whether Tom Wise actually has been suspended or not. Although UKIP say the dodgy MEP has been suspended from the party following revelations he swindled £36,000 of public money to buy himself a car, and also hypocritically received £8,000 from the EU to pay for a failed libel case, UKIP supporters are none the Wiser (sorry!) as to his status. The confusion stems from the fact that although UKIP claim Tom Wise has been suspended from the party, he is actually still a member of the Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament, unlike Ashley Mote, who was suspended from both UKIP and the Ind/Dem Group.

A recent poll from the UKIP supporter’s website showed that: 5% believe he has been suspended; 5% believe the whole episode is part of a conspiracy by the “left-wing media”; 41% say he has been suspended from UKIP but not the Independent Democracy Group in the European Parliament; and 47% said “Don't ask me what goes on in the UKIP group in Brussels, I'm only a UKIP member.”

UKIP supporter Tony Bennett perfectly summed up the current shambles that is UKIP with the following poem:

Twelve UKIP MEPs, one of them from Devon -
One faced criminal charges, then there were eleven.

Eleven UKIP MEPS, all of them men -
One left to form his own party, then there were ten.

Ten UKIP MEPs, fond of wine and dine -
One spent Eurocash on a Peugeot, then there were nine.

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