Wednesday, April 25

David Noakes' Nazi fetish

UKIPwatcher has come across this gruesomely fascinating exchange of views on the Independence and Democracy Forum (also know as loonies letterbox).

In this, former leadership candidate David Noakes, who polled over 10% of the vote from the UKIP membership, claims that UKIP's membership is collapsing not because of the ineptitude of their elected MEPs or the weakness of their arguments, but, wait for it, because the EU has planted moles in local party branches to "subvert" UKIP! Baffled? UKIPwatcher certainly is!

However, although Mr Noakes is not the most impartial or reliable information source, he blows the whistle on what appears to be a culture of corruption within UKIP. For example, illegally paying its regional officers using EU (ie taxpayers' money), only 15% of members donations reaching the party accounts, dodgy accounting in general, and concluding that UKIP is insolvent and should be declared bankrupt.

However, it gets better. Mr Noakes, manages to compare German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Nazi Germany in the same breath as describing the EU as a Nazi-creation. Continuing the 'Nazi' theme, he then accuses Tory leader David Cameron of having close family links to, you've guessed it, the Nazi party. This makes for amusing but painful reading - how can these people who are so eye-wateringly detached from reality claim that their party is telling the truth on anything?

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