Wednesday, April 11

Keep digging Thomas....

More news on UKIP's chancer-in-chief Tom Wise who, not content with claiming £36,000 to pay his researcher and then pocketing £30,000 of it himself (and buying a fancy French car), used a further £8,000 of taxpayers' money to try and sue fellow rabid eurosceptic U-kipper Greg Lance-Watkins for libel.

Mr Lance-Watkins, who runs the eurorealist website, made the mistake of thinking that this practice was not terribly transparent and accused Tom (not very) Wise of wrongdoing.

Needless to say, after consulting his solicitor Stephan Welfare, Mr Wise decided to not to take legal action, but not before running up an £8,000 bill which Mr Welfare confirmed had been paid by the EU.

Though it's amusing that he thought he could get away with it - Tom Wise is as low as a dachsund's belly.

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