Tuesday, April 3

UKIP launch Holyrood campaign in style

The launch of UKIPs campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections in Edinburgh saw some of Fleet Street's finest travel to take in the show.

The event was held at the Dynamic Earth exhibition centre, with a man dressed as a dinosaur guarding the entrance. A stroke of genius considering that UKIP's leaders, and the party's campaign literature, are distinctly prehistoric.

Most disappointing was the no-show of Nigel Farage (every night gossip columnists must thank their lucky stars for the existence of naughty Nigel). Apparently Nigel was too busy preparing UKIP's court case against the Electoral Commission (UKIP faces bankruptcy if it loses, after the election watchdog ordered them to repay £360,000 that had not been properly accounted for).

Still, there's more chance of Ian Paisley becoming Pope than of UKIP getting any MSPs elected.

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Anonymous said...

BNP the only hope for the union, or SNP the only hope for England if Scotland breaks away from the Union. Either way us Anglo nationalists win. Role on the elections. Vote BNP or left wing -SNP, or either,to ensure English or Scottish independence, or for any other combination other than the Labour & Liberal anglo/scottish UK party coalition.