Wednesday, May 30

Roger and Nigel - the end of the affair

UKIPwatcher is heartened to see further signs that UKIP are starting to work constructively in the European Union by being party to a joint declaration between the Independence and Democracy Group (IND-DEM) and the Romanian National Initiative Party (NIP).

This declaration includes a commitment to reforming the Common Agricultural Policy, campaigning against the Constitutional Treaty, the principle of subsidiarity in EU decision making and fiscal sovereignty. UKIPs Derek Clark MEP signed it.

However, Mr Clark seems not to have thought to tell his UKIP colleagues about his plans to change party policy (UKIP policy is to withdraw from the EU and CAP) and former leader Roger Knapman has written this furious letter that was published by the Times.

Farage, demonstrating his knack for diplomacy (surely a plum ambassadorship can be found for him), responded by saying that Knapman was "confused" and "suffering from high blood pressure and not well". Miaow!

Tuesday, May 22

Grow up Godders!

The class clown of Yorkshire politics, UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom, is at it again with this outburst the latest example of his outrageous attention seeking.

Talking about his colleagues on the European Parliament's Women and Gender Equality, Godfrey states, "It did not take long before the conversation got round to rape and prostitution… it always does."

Interesting that none of them are in danger of the first or indeed could earn their living at the second, though it would be ungallant to say so."

Bloom’s attention seeking knows no bounds. He knows that nobody will ever take him seriously about anything so deliberately makes these offensive and stupid comments to get a reaction. Even so, UKIPwatcher has a simple message to him – grow up Godfrey!

Thursday, May 10

UKIP taking a "step in the right direction" after losing councillor

Congratulations must be extended to UKIP on their extremely effective campaign fought in the local elections last week. Following the success of the last election, which UKIP had an exceptional total of 6 seats; they announced that this time round they were putting up 1,000 candidates. Party leader Nigel Farage publicly talked about what great gains they were going to make. How right he was, not only did UKIP fail to gain a single new council seat, they managed to lose one as well, leaving them with just 5 councillors- two fewer than the Cornish nationalists, Mebyon Kernow and one more than the Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern!

One would think that UKIP's reaction would be one of disappointment.......far from it! UKIP's website declared that despite the loss the result was a "step in the right direction". Party leader Nigel Farage stated that "The results make it quite clear that our support is growing and our policies are sounding the right chord with a growing number of people."

So Mr. Farage does it mean then that the issue of greater self-government in Cornwall is of more pressing concern to the general public than Britain's position in Europe and our immigration policies? Its time to wake up and realise that the public see you for what you really are....

This BBC table shows the reality of UKIP's status in local government.

Friday, May 4

UKIP vote against tackling female genital mutilation

UKIP's sickening hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.

On International Women's Day, UKIP's Vice Chairman (sic) Rachel Oxley made a statement denouncing the practice of female genital mutilation and calling for more effective action on the issue.

This is, in itself, highly laudable. Female genital mutilation is vicious and barbaric, and all nations and societies should work to combat it.

Indeed, in February 2006 the European Parliament adopted a resolution based on a report by Maria Carlshamre MEP calling on all member states to work together take a zero-tolerance approach on all forms of violence against women and to exchange information on how best to do this. It also instructed all EU countries to recognise rape within marriage as a criminal offence and not to accept cultural practices as an excuse for honour crimes or female genital mutilation. Indeed, Parliament called on all member states to ban female genital mutilation and to prosecute all perpetrators of it.

Needless to say, this report was resoundingly supported by all groups across the Parliament - the resolution was passed by 545 votes to 13. Apart from one. Not one single UKIP MEP supported the resolution and the seven UKIP MEPs who voted, voted against - Gerard Batten, Godfrey Bloom, Graham Clark, Nigel Farage, Roger Knapman, Mike Nattrass and Jeffery Titford.

I hope that Rachel Oxley will take her neanderthal colleagues to task. We are all used to UKIP's hypocritical and dishonest politics, but this is beneath contempt.

Wednesday, May 2

The case of the missing financial declaration

UKIPwatcher has learnt that Tom Wise is not the only UKIP MEP to have trouble with financial transparency.

Each year, MEPs are required to complete a financial declaration just like their Westminster counterparts - detailing all gifts they have received and earnings from outside interests. You wouldn't have thought it was that difficult to provide this information. However, UKIPs Mike Nattrass is the only UK MEP, and one of only three in the EU, not have provided his financial declaration for 2006.

There are parallels with UKIP's problems with auditing their accounts for the Electoral Commission and the same questions have to be asked. Is the failure to provide this information due to incompetence, laziness or does Mr Nattrass have something to hide?