Wednesday, May 30

Roger and Nigel - the end of the affair

UKIPwatcher is heartened to see further signs that UKIP are starting to work constructively in the European Union by being party to a joint declaration between the Independence and Democracy Group (IND-DEM) and the Romanian National Initiative Party (NIP).

This declaration includes a commitment to reforming the Common Agricultural Policy, campaigning against the Constitutional Treaty, the principle of subsidiarity in EU decision making and fiscal sovereignty. UKIPs Derek Clark MEP signed it.

However, Mr Clark seems not to have thought to tell his UKIP colleagues about his plans to change party policy (UKIP policy is to withdraw from the EU and CAP) and former leader Roger Knapman has written this furious letter that was published by the Times.

Farage, demonstrating his knack for diplomacy (surely a plum ambassadorship can be found for him), responded by saying that Knapman was "confused" and "suffering from high blood pressure and not well". Miaow!


Anonymous said...

They are now describing their member signing the pro-subsidiarity declaration as a "diplomatic nicety". What a bunch of jokers.

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