Thursday, June 21

UKIP: Britain under attack from EU flying-saucers (no, seriously!)

Earlier this year, UKIP (and others from the far right) attacked the EU for "brainwashing" school children because they were being taught about how the EU works in their citizenship classes (EU laws will effect them as well as UK laws so it is quite natural and logical that children should be taught about the EU – but don’t let common sense get in the way when UKIP wants to knock the EU!)

What’s funny about UKIP’s protests is not just the fact that all 10 UKIP MEPs voted in favour of teaching kids about the EU in citizenship classes, but the following video from UKIP’s Bradford branch, produced for the recent local elections (yep, that’s right, the one where they fielded record numbers of candidates and were beaten by the Cornish nationalists and given a good run for their money by the Kidderminster Hospital group!)

UKIP's Bradford Election Video

Very fancy indeed! (Although maybe they should have less on the special effects and more on a professional actor who could actually deliver his lines, as the Dominic Diamond look-alike district chairman seems to be struggling a little).

But it does beg the question: How can UKIP claim the EU is brainwashing children because they are taught, in a neutral light, simply how the EU works, when they make en election campaign video showing invading flying saucers from the EU blowing up buildings with laser beams?

Is it bigoted propaganda? Are they appealing to a certain level of intelligence? Or is it just pure desperation because they don’t actually have any valid criticism of the EU so have to rely on spreading false fear?

Monday, June 18

Farage a terrorist? No, just a defender of terrorists....

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was quick to seize the moral high ground in denouncing Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italy, after Mr Napolitano unwisely compared eurosceptic opponents of the Constitutional Treaty to terrorists at a weekend press conference. Farage stated that "these comments are appalling and show clearly why we should not be in a political union with them".

However, Nigel seems to have suffered a fit of amnesia. In 2005, after a letter bomb was sent to Gary Titley, the leader of the Labour MEPs, Nigel merely stated that this was the "price of forcing a political ideal on people" adding that if the EU did not "listen to the people" more violence could follow. Or perhaps this was a different Nigel Farage?

Thursday, June 14

More mutiny over Mote

As you know UKIP watcher occasionally has a look at the Independence and Democracy forum website (otherwise known as loonie's letterbox) when in need of cheering up. You are rarely disappointed judging by this intemperate exchange between U-kippers Paul Wesson and Idris Francis.

Following Ashley Mote's ill-fated but unbrlievably craven request to the European Parliament for immunity of prosecution for benefit fraud, Mr. Wesson wrote to Mr. Mote's associate branding him and his beloved Ashley a "traitor, turncoat and 2 faced t**t".

Mr. Wesson points out that "Ashley Mote is actually asking the EU Parliament to overrule a decision of an English court.""No man is above the law, apart from Ashley Mote."

"Never ever ever send me any more details of speeches by the traitor Ashley Mote. If we meet, never dare to utter his name in my presence."

As Mote finally faces his day in court after using every stalling tactic and procedural trick in the book, it appears that even UKIP's biggest fans just can't believe the hypocrisy and sheer contempt for the law of the land shown by their former member.

Sunday, June 10

Batten - UKIP policy "will cost billions in lost revenue"

UKIPwatcher has learnt of a little spat between Cypriot MEP Marios Matsakis and UKIPs Gerard Batten, after the hapless Batten complained to the President of the European Parliament that the UK government had breached a directive on the number of cigarettes and alcohol that people can bring back with them from other EU countries.

Dr Matsakis, who apparently enjoys provoking U-kippers into fits of 'little Englander' rage, praised Batten for "becoming such a firm supporter of EU law and EU institutions".

In response, Gerard claimed that he wanted to ensure that this particular directive (EC 92/12/EEC) was upheld because "it will cost HM Treasury millions, if not billions of pounds in lost revenue". You heard it here first, it seems that UKIP policy in the European Parliament is to try to undermine the British economy in the hope that this will cause people to want to leave the EU! UKIPwatcher does not remember reading this in any UKIP manifesto.

This point was not lost on Matsakis, who commented that "such a way of action is indeed fully in agreement with Lenin's view about Tsarist Russia that, "worse is better".

You couldn't make it up!

Deadweight Derek "completely ignorant"

Yet another example of how bigotry and prejudice is alive and kicking in UKIP. Rather than concerning himself with trying to do some worthwhile work in the British national interest, UKIP MEP Derek Clark has got his knickers in a twist over some schools books which depict two males in bed together and cuddling on a sofa. Shock horror!

Deadweight Derek said he was "shocked, horrified and appalled" and claimed that the books, which include titles such as 'The Sissy Duckling', 'Hello Sailor' and 'Daddy's room mate' amounted to "criminal indoctrination".

However, local teachers gently pointed out that gay people do exist in society and that the books were used to tackle homophobic bullying of children who had a gay or bisexual parent. Accusing Mr Clark of being "completely ignorant" about the teaching of sex education, they added that he was more than welcome to attend lessons to see how children were being taught.

UKIP claims that "a policy of non-discrimination is enshrined in our constitution". Apart from gay people, clearly.

Monday, June 4

EU turns Mote's pleas for help down

Former UKIP-embarrassment Ashley Mote's last line of defence against impending benefit fraud charges has recently been taken away by his sworn enemy, the EU.

But in an ironic twist, Ashley Mote actually begged and grovelled to the European Parliament to help protect him from prosecution after the UK Attorney General had requested that his immunity as an MEP be waived.

Unfortunately for Mr Mote, the European Parliament upheld the request from the British Government and Mote now faces trial at Portsmouth Crown Court starting on July 16th 2007 for housing benefit fraud alleged to involve obtaining tens of thousands of pounds worth of benefits.