Sunday, June 10

Batten - UKIP policy "will cost billions in lost revenue"

UKIPwatcher has learnt of a little spat between Cypriot MEP Marios Matsakis and UKIPs Gerard Batten, after the hapless Batten complained to the President of the European Parliament that the UK government had breached a directive on the number of cigarettes and alcohol that people can bring back with them from other EU countries.

Dr Matsakis, who apparently enjoys provoking U-kippers into fits of 'little Englander' rage, praised Batten for "becoming such a firm supporter of EU law and EU institutions".

In response, Gerard claimed that he wanted to ensure that this particular directive (EC 92/12/EEC) was upheld because "it will cost HM Treasury millions, if not billions of pounds in lost revenue". You heard it here first, it seems that UKIP policy in the European Parliament is to try to undermine the British economy in the hope that this will cause people to want to leave the EU! UKIPwatcher does not remember reading this in any UKIP manifesto.

This point was not lost on Matsakis, who commented that "such a way of action is indeed fully in agreement with Lenin's view about Tsarist Russia that, "worse is better".

You couldn't make it up!

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