Sunday, June 10

Deadweight Derek "completely ignorant"

Yet another example of how bigotry and prejudice is alive and kicking in UKIP. Rather than concerning himself with trying to do some worthwhile work in the British national interest, UKIP MEP Derek Clark has got his knickers in a twist over some schools books which depict two males in bed together and cuddling on a sofa. Shock horror!

Deadweight Derek said he was "shocked, horrified and appalled" and claimed that the books, which include titles such as 'The Sissy Duckling', 'Hello Sailor' and 'Daddy's room mate' amounted to "criminal indoctrination".

However, local teachers gently pointed out that gay people do exist in society and that the books were used to tackle homophobic bullying of children who had a gay or bisexual parent. Accusing Mr Clark of being "completely ignorant" about the teaching of sex education, they added that he was more than welcome to attend lessons to see how children were being taught.

UKIP claims that "a policy of non-discrimination is enshrined in our constitution". Apart from gay people, clearly.

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