Thursday, June 14

More mutiny over Mote

As you know UKIP watcher occasionally has a look at the Independence and Democracy forum website (otherwise known as loonie's letterbox) when in need of cheering up. You are rarely disappointed judging by this intemperate exchange between U-kippers Paul Wesson and Idris Francis.

Following Ashley Mote's ill-fated but unbrlievably craven request to the European Parliament for immunity of prosecution for benefit fraud, Mr. Wesson wrote to Mr. Mote's associate branding him and his beloved Ashley a "traitor, turncoat and 2 faced t**t".

Mr. Wesson points out that "Ashley Mote is actually asking the EU Parliament to overrule a decision of an English court.""No man is above the law, apart from Ashley Mote."

"Never ever ever send me any more details of speeches by the traitor Ashley Mote. If we meet, never dare to utter his name in my presence."

As Mote finally faces his day in court after using every stalling tactic and procedural trick in the book, it appears that even UKIP's biggest fans just can't believe the hypocrisy and sheer contempt for the law of the land shown by their former member.

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