Thursday, June 21

UKIP: Britain under attack from EU flying-saucers (no, seriously!)

Earlier this year, UKIP (and others from the far right) attacked the EU for "brainwashing" school children because they were being taught about how the EU works in their citizenship classes (EU laws will effect them as well as UK laws so it is quite natural and logical that children should be taught about the EU – but don’t let common sense get in the way when UKIP wants to knock the EU!)

What’s funny about UKIP’s protests is not just the fact that all 10 UKIP MEPs voted in favour of teaching kids about the EU in citizenship classes, but the following video from UKIP’s Bradford branch, produced for the recent local elections (yep, that’s right, the one where they fielded record numbers of candidates and were beaten by the Cornish nationalists and given a good run for their money by the Kidderminster Hospital group!)

UKIP's Bradford Election Video

Very fancy indeed! (Although maybe they should have less on the special effects and more on a professional actor who could actually deliver his lines, as the Dominic Diamond look-alike district chairman seems to be struggling a little).

But it does beg the question: How can UKIP claim the EU is brainwashing children because they are taught, in a neutral light, simply how the EU works, when they make en election campaign video showing invading flying saucers from the EU blowing up buildings with laser beams?

Is it bigoted propaganda? Are they appealing to a certain level of intelligence? Or is it just pure desperation because they don’t actually have any valid criticism of the EU so have to rely on spreading false fear?


Anonymous said...

Talking of flying saucers, any truth in the rumour that Nigel 'Can't get arrested at a demonstration' Farage is going to fight the Sedgefield by-election.

Anonymous said...

"Bonde slams new propaganda tool" -heading on a press statement of 29 June by Jens-Peter Bonde co-president of the Independence & Democracy Group of the European Parliament.

"Farage slams new propaganda tool" - heading on a press statement of 1 July by Nigel Farage co-president of the Independence & Democracy Group of the European Parliament.

You couldn't make it up. He clearly doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ukip are saying we are being invaded by EU flying..... for goodness sake, will this website get real. UKIP watcher, lets have a bit less of biased pro EU and actually monitor the activities of UKIP and praise them when they are good and denounce them when they are bad. Its all good and well hating UKIP, but why call the site ukip watch? surely unbiased comment and a non political stance will be far more effective at monitoring the activities of ukip, than this silly hate campaign.

I would advise anybody ACTUALLY interested in monitoring the activites of ukip refer to a non partisan site for a more realistic view of whats going on. And no im not saying everything in ukip is good.

Anonymous said...

thanks to this website it has opend my eyes and noticed that ukip is the only way to vote and this website may even make me join them because if you are called ukip watch and are agaisnt everything they do and slat them you are worse than them because at least they are doing something good for uk were as the people on this website cant see that and you are ment to watch and be fair but surpose like the eu fair isnt a word. Anyway thanks and rememeber always vote:)

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