Thursday, July 26

UKIP and the BNP planned merge?

Whilst surfing the internet late one evening I stumbled upon a remarkable claim that UKIP and the BNP had planned last year to merge to form an uber far-right party!

It was Iain Dale who had found the original story on the Cross of St George website that claimed a merger had been negotiated by a UKIP leadership candidate.

As both the BNP & UKIP are haemorrhaging support to the English Nationalist movement, (led by the English Democrats), it has emerged that one of the UKIP leadership candidates, has negotiated a “make or break” plan to merge the rump of the BNP & UKIP parties together with the DUP Northern Irish party (Democratic Unionist Party) into a new British Nationalist Party to become the dominant Euro-Sceptic Pro-Union force in the UK.

Speculation is mounting that the new combined party will be called the “British Independence & Democracy Party” or “BIDP”, and indeed the UKIP discussion forum has already changed it’s name in preparation for this change.
It does seem unlikely and it would surely be political suicide for UKIP to actually admit they had the links with the BNP they are widely believed to have?

However, if you click on a link to UKIP's forum you may notice you are redirected a forum of a different name...



Anonymous said...

I think the key phrase in this is 'UKIP leadership candidate.' wonder why he didnt get the job?

AND have u actually read the ukip constitution:

2.3 The Party will be guided in its activities by the principle of non-discrimination, including non-racism and non-sectarianism, and will be guided by the principle that all people are equal before the law.

Im a socialist, and hate facism and racism of all forms.
what is the point of democracy if legislation is created by a commission that is not voted for. If i cant vote the people out of government who create the laws that affect my life on poling day, then i do not live in a democracy.

(im talking about the act of supremacy - whereby any european law overrides national law, they can legislate in ANY area, and the doctrine of direct effect.)

Anonymous said...

i love the way this website makes up false ideas about ukip is this website funded by the eu it seems that way because if you are going to watch ukip do it dont be negative all the time as i would love to know who makes this site because i feel you need to wake up and look at what is going on i use to vote labour now iam strong ukip by my own choice and this website made me make that choice so i thanks you very much:)

Anonymous said...

All People are equal before the law....So how come we never hear about these in the news....All we ever hear about is what Evil racist murdering Paedophiles the British Are.

Here's the Mets 12 Most wanted list..Remember I didn't compile this list, the Police did

Here's their 15 Most wanted

Yet More.

Here's west Midlands most wanted.

We never see these in our National News Either.

More Victims of Our Govt's Hidden Genocidal agenda Against Britain and the British..

Anonymous said...

When I read the "news" and "commentary" your site presents...mostly what I see is the good old smear. Anyone with only half a brain can see what you are up to! Smear first and then come up with facts that are only half true to support your statements. I do not see stealth sites crtisizing you and coming up with half facts to support their case, perhaps someone should start one and reveal how you are misrepresenting what is going on.

Homer said...

shadow said...

EU 4ever W00T