Thursday, August 30

Mote hands in passport

Being elected a Member of the European Parliament for UKIP: £60,000
Obtaining money through benefit fraud: £73,000
Having your passport confiscated by a judge because he deems you deceitful, after being found guilty of benefit fraud and threatened with prison: Priceless.

Yes, the indignities just keeps piling up for poor old Ashley.

Mote asked the judge for a couple of weeks to sort out his parliamentary business but was instead granted a truly withering dressing down.

Fearing Mote might go on the run, Judge Price explained: "I have observed him over the past three weeks of this trial and he has showed deceit after deceit."

The judge continued: "During the course of this trial I have watched almost with incredulity your deceit about money. Even now I cannot say with any certainty that I know what your real financial position is or what assets you have or have not got."

And with that went his passport and official parliament papers.

A shame really as an audacious escape bid featuring Jean Marie Le Pen driving the getaway vehicle and Alessandra Mussolini wisecracking at custom officials would have made a great film.

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Tuesday, August 21

Ashley Mote, elected as UKIP’s MEP for the South East, was told by a judge he faces a jail sentence after being found guilty of fraud.

Mote, who recently wrote an article criticising the way the EU conducts its accounts, was found guilty of eight charges of false accounting, eight charges of obtaining a money transfer by deception, four charges of evading liability and one charge of failing to notify of a change of circumstances.

When UKIP found out what a crook they had selected to represent their party in the South East, Mote was symbolically booted out of the far-right UKIP Party and their Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament. The former UKIP man then joined the ultra-right neo-fascist Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty Party.

Although UKIP leader Nigel Farage was quick to condemn Mote following the guilty verdict, Tom Wise, another UKIP MEP under investigation for fraudulent use of office funds remains in the party. Farage pleaded ignorance as to why Mote was allowed to join the party in the first place, but he should surely be worried that MEPs he selected to represent his party had previously been involved in criminal activities and decide to join far-right neo-fascist parties.

Mote was released on bail, having to surrender his British and diplomatic passports, and has to return to court on August 31st for sentencing.