Thursday, August 30

Mote hands in passport

Being elected a Member of the European Parliament for UKIP: £60,000
Obtaining money through benefit fraud: £73,000
Having your passport confiscated by a judge because he deems you deceitful, after being found guilty of benefit fraud and threatened with prison: Priceless.

Yes, the indignities just keeps piling up for poor old Ashley.

Mote asked the judge for a couple of weeks to sort out his parliamentary business but was instead granted a truly withering dressing down.

Fearing Mote might go on the run, Judge Price explained: "I have observed him over the past three weeks of this trial and he has showed deceit after deceit."

The judge continued: "During the course of this trial I have watched almost with incredulity your deceit about money. Even now I cannot say with any certainty that I know what your real financial position is or what assets you have or have not got."

And with that went his passport and official parliament papers.

A shame really as an audacious escape bid featuring Jean Marie Le Pen driving the getaway vehicle and Alessandra Mussolini wisecracking at custom officials would have made a great film.

For more on Mr Mote's case, click here

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