Tuesday, September 4

No insurance for flood victims says Bloom

Gregarious buffoon Godfrey Bloom is a gossip columnist’s dream – the politician with an unerring knack to come out with ill-informed, offensive tosh every time he opens his mouth. One has to sympathise with Godders’ staff since they are presumably the only people on the planet who take him seriously.

His latest pearl of wisdom focuses on the impact of the flooding which has destroyed thousands of homes in Yorkshire and Humberside over the past few months. Five out of six of the region’s MEPs have campaigned to secure financial aid from the EU. Apart from Godfrey it appears, who has instead decided to campaign for the hapless homeowners to be prevented from getting home insurance in the future. According to UKIP’s voice of reason: “I don’t have a home on a flood plain and don’t see why I should subsidise some idiot who does”.

Well said Godfrey! They were just asking for trouble weren’t they?!

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