Wednesday, September 19

UKIP takes on her Maj

So, it appears that UKIP are having yet another run in with the law, with this amusing article in the Sunday Express (I never thought I would say that!!). UKIP has been banned from selling traditional British passport covers featuring the royal coat of arms - by the Queen!

These souvenir passport covers are adorned with the words "British passport" and are available in black, blue and pink, costing a princely £5. But now the Lord Chamberlain, one of the chief officers of the royal household, has written to party leader Nigel Farage, ordering an end to the sales on the grounds that the royal coat of arms is protected under law and cannot be reproduced without permission.

Farage, who attracts controversy and court appearances like flies to shit said the ban was "a heavy-handed attempt to make us accept Euro-style passports" and vowed to fight the move.

A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said the Lord Chamberlain's office had contacted a number of suppliers and manufacturers of the old-style passport covers.
She said: "This has become quite a serious issue because the coat of arms is protected by law. We have written to a number of companies who sell and supply these passport covers.

"The coat of arms now appears only on the inside of a passport and on other official documents. The coat of arms is protected by law from misuse.

"Passport covers are souvenirs and therefore the royal coat of arms is not allowed to be used on them. It is the job of the Lord Chamberlain's office to police this and to point out the error of their ways to people who misuse it."

Mr Farage replied: "Nothing is below their attention when it comes to promoting the EU, it seems.

"It's another step along the ever-shortening road to an integrated Europe. That's right, Nigel - the Royal Household are just a bunch of EU funded federalists, aren't they?

"The last chance for a proper British passport without the ghastly EU on it has now gone." Whatever you say Nigel - last time I checked my new passport it told me I was still a British citizen!

However, Judith Hartley Brewer unfortunately blotted her copy book by recycling the Euro-lie that we are to lose the Queen's head from our passports - a complete fabrication which even arch-eurosceptic Richard North on the EU referendum site has admitted.

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Anonymous said...

I much Prefer the Black one to the 'Little red book' we have now.
And the EU Knows it.
Blog and email these links before it's too late.
Note how none of this has ever appeared in the Press or on the News.
Europe Sold out for oil