Thursday, October 4

Down in the dumps

There is of course more to politics than the power of personality, which is good news for UKIP as they continue to quietly bumble along.

While not off the radar just yet, UKIP's beloved leader garnered some coverage from an appearance at a fringe meeting at the Lib Dem conference. According to the BBC he was, rather predictably, booed and heckled throughout, behaviour Mr Farage himself would of course never indulge in. Oh.

But at least Nigel made it into the Telegraph's "The Right's 100 Most Influential" but to the dismay of UKIPers he was in at just 48.

Farage finds himself behind such renown right-wing figures as Lib Dem MP Nick Clegg and the director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, which is all rather dull but it's always reassuring to see the Devil's Kitchen has yet to untwist his knickers.

More entertainment awaits because this weekend it's UKIP's conference! See you at the Troxy.

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Anonymous said...

A less influential right-winger than a Liberal Democrat MP? That says it all really.