Thursday, October 18

Is Tom Wise in UKIP? The saga continues......

The long-running farce over Tom Wise's suspension from UKIP continues. Mr Wise, lest we forget, is currently under investigation for alleged misuse of public money to the tune of around £35k and was suspended from the party by the UKIP NEC in February this year. However, he did not go quietly, criticising the decision which he asserted was "not lawful or binding". Now it appears, that UKIP agrees, stating that (and you've gotta love the quote from the "UKIP spokesman"): "Tom Wise has been unsuspended pending a disciplinary hearing".

This is brilliant, but it gets better. According to the Luton on Sunday, UKIP officials expect Mr Wise to be officially suspended from the party following a disciplinary hearing set to happen in the next couple of weeks!

Sheer genius! UKIP really couldn't run a piss up in a brewery.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know who is behind this website. A coward, me thinks, as no name given as far as I can find.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Tom Wise MEP: a statement P
Sunday, 11 May 2008

In March 2007, UK Independence Party MEPs voted to withdraw the whip from Tom Wise following allegations that he had been misusing parliamentary allowances. Since that time he has not been a UK Independence Party MEP, despite his claims to the contrary.

Mr Wise had not informed the party of actions which were being taken against him and this was considered a severe breach of trust.

Under the rules of the party he was banned from holding any office or seeking candidature. He is sitting as an Independent MEP.

Nigel Farage MEP
Leader of the UK Independence Party