Tuesday, October 23

So how many of our laws are decided at EU level? Depends which u-kipper you ask...

Nigel Farage's recent claim that 75% of UK laws are made in 'Brussels' has intrigued UKIPwatcher.

UKIP wannabe Roger Helmer (the Godfrey Bloom of the Tory party) claimed on the Better Off Out website that the true figure is 80%.

Even more curiously, UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass is convinced that, in fact, a stonking 90% of UK laws come from the EU, a full 30% more than UKIP leadership contender and current Deputy Leader David Campbell-Bannerman. UKIP Scotland claims that it is in fact 80%. So there you have it, as far as UKIP are concerned it could be anywhere between 60-90% - depending on who you ask.

The most recent report by the House of Commons library estimated that 9% of UK legislation is decided at EU level. Perhaps the Commons library will publish another report to end this nonsense once and for all.

It seems that every time u-kippers are asked this question they pick a number a random. Perhaps UKIP can just decide on a figure and stick to it - the current farce may be fun for the onlooker, but is little more than a political version of pin the tail on the donkey.


Elaib Harvey said...

Given that the Labour government refuses, despite regular request thriough Parliamentary PQ requests to support a definative study on this, the only option is to perovide a guestimate. However,a s you are no doubt aware, Roman Herzog the former German President a few months ago stated clearly that 80% of German law originates in the Commission. Therefore that is the figure that we will appropriate from now on.
As a matter of interest, what is your best guess?

SteveThePhysicist said...

I'm not sure what the exact wording of this report is, but I suspect it will be flawed for either of two reasons.

Either the figure of 8% could simply be the percentage of all pre-existing laws in Britain which originate from the EU - as opposed to the percentage of laws which are passed on an annual basis...

... Or alternatively it could represent the percentage of laws enacted on an annual basis which are direct EU Regulations - without accounting for EU Directives which are written by British civil servants and subsequently implemented as statutory instruments. They also constitute the majority of European Laws.