Thursday, October 18

UKIP and the BNP - two cheeks of the same arse

The fraternal brotherhood of the British extreme right is not what it should be. At last week's UKIP conference, their comrades from the fascist BNP paid a visit to hand out leaflets and literature to the several hundred delegates. According to the BNP, "a substantial proportion of BNP activists are themselves former UKIP members".

It appears that this selfless act of intellectual enrichment was not welcomed by some of UKIPs younger contingent who "became hysterical and aggressive… ranting and screaming... and tried snatching leaflets out of the hands of UKIP delegates" (sounds like fairly typical UKIP behaviour to anyone who has attended a public meeting with a UKIP speaker).

The bottom line is that UKIP has lost a third of its members since the 2004 election, a quarter of its MEPs have either been suspended, gone AWOL or are in jail, they are the seventh largest party in local government (fewer councillors than the old Liberal party) and not even their own MEPs and officials take their party seriously. Given that UKIP and the BNP have swapped candidates and members for some time now, it is not surprising that the BNP feels that UKIPs vulnerability means they can poach some of their members.

Much as it is stomach turning that the BNP (of all people) have the sheer brass-neck to complain about "thuggish" behaviour by UKIP activists, it serves to remind us that, after all, UKIP and the BNP are two cheeks of the same arse.

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Anonymous said...

I'll have you know that the 'young thugs' that the BNP describe were actually members of Young Independence, who were nothing but courteous.

I'm amazed that you of all people would start believing the lies the BNP publish on their website.