Monday, October 22

UKIP's new finance guru

The news that UKIP have appointed Marta Andreasen as their new accountant is a delicious piece of irony. Never let be said that these clowns don't have a sense of humour.

Nigel Farage, king of understatement said that UKIP had endured "some unfortunate events in recent months" - too right, Ashley Mote's in jail for benefit fraud, Tom Wise has been suspended (and then unsuspended) pending investigation into embezzlement charges, while Farage has spent most of the year making court appearances as part of his party's long running battle with the Electoral Commission (lest we forget, the Electoral Commission ruled that £360,000 of UKIP donations were "impermissible" and criticised UKIP for handing in its accounts over a year late).

Ms Andreasen once described UKIPs multi-million budget as "an open till waiting to be robbed" (oh sorry, I meant the Commission). Given the somewhat neanderthal attitude of prominent UKIP MEPs towards women she will have her work cut out.

Still, best of luck to you Marta. You're going to need it.


Anonymous said...

"...she will have her work cut out". Apparently so.

Anonymous said...

Apparently she is going to fight the decision to sack her. Which means that the UKIP treasurer is trying to get a job with the European Commission. Well done Farage.