Wednesday, October 31

UKIPs poor show

Came across this piece of comedy gold on YouTube from the pro-referendum rally at the weekend. You've got to love Nigel Farage's spinning of the risible turnout of a few hundred hardened europhobes, including a number of activists from the BNP and the British Communist party. Not surprising when the main speakers are Gerard (Enoch) Batten, Nigel and Roger Helmer - but even UKIP have more than a few more members than this (or have they).

Watch out for a mighty performance from Devil's Kitchen, demonstrating again why he (and his UKIP colleagues) are clearly suffering from an advanced sense of paranoia and need to have a good lie down before entering reality again. Honestly....mad as a march hare.

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Anonymous said...

They had more people entering their conference raffle. Or did they?