Thursday, October 4

What's the view like from the moral high ground Tom?

As Alisher Usmanov gamely battles to stretch the Premiership's description of a "fit and proper person" further still, his pursuit of Arsenal hasn't passed the canny eye of one MEP who condemned him as a "gangster and racketeer".

And who is this plucky politico? None other than Tom Wise. The same Tom Wise who is currently being investigated by the EU's anti-fraud office for siphoning off about £40,000 of taxpayers' money to his own account.

The whole kettle and pot situation echos Ashley Mote's brave fight against fraud in the EU. Before he was jailed for fraud.


Elaib said...

So what do you think of Mr Usmanov? Mr Corbett, one of your contributors, may I say sponsors seems to think he is the MEP for football. What is his line?

Put it this way, by speaking about this in Parliament Mr Wise allowed the allegations to be made public.

And I think you will find that the £40,000 fuiogure you are chucking around is, how wopuld you describe it, oh yes... spin.

Given that he was cleared by the European parliament of wrongdoing, I thinkit would be politic of you to wait until the OLAF enquiry is completed. Otherwise you put yourself in the position of being a flinger of unsubstantiated mud. Not something that you would like to be accused of I am sure

Anonymous said...

"unsubstantiated mud." Weird.

Anonymous said...

Have you nothing to say on the comedy of errors on the appointment of a new treasurer?

Anonymous said...

They might be Little Englanders but they sure don't care about the English language. The following contortion of a paragraph is currently on their website:

'In a speech to congress in 1917, Woodrow Wilson said “the world must be made safe for democracy.” This was the attitude which took place after the end of the Second World War, when leaders in Europe wanted to make sure they did not fight again. Sixty years on, and the people of Europe are now facing a new crisis, not of war, but of that democracy Wilson spoke about 90 years ago.'