Tuesday, December 11

Ashley Mote - devoted public servant seeks justice

Former UKIP MEP and king of the brass-neck Ashley Mote continues to fight for justice. The loveable cricket writer and part-time fraudster is appealing against his conviction for 21 counts of benefit fraud according to the Portsmouth News, in a story that will doubtless having Nigel Farage foaming at the mouth with fake fury in every TV or radio studio he can get near.

The way Mote gives the British public the v-sign at every opportunity is quite breathtaking. Having been released from jail and electronically tagged after serving 2 months out of a 9 month sentence you’d think that most people would be relieved not to spend Christmas doing porridge. Not Ashley. Instead, he complains that “I am confined to my home during the evening which, obviously, is a real bind”!!!

However, it’s not all bad news, with the former U-kipper helpfully explaining that a friendly governor at the prison had allowed him to do his constituency work normally. He adds that “this meant that my staff and constituents did not suffer as a result of my imprisonment. I had, and still have, a job to do, and will continue to do it”. Thank goodness for such a dutiful public servant whose limitless devotion to duty restricted him to de-frauding the tax payer of a trifling £70,000.

The cynics amongst us might point out that Mote has been a notoriously idle MEP whose main contribution to political life has been the odd ranting letter in the Telegraph. Not to put too fine a point on it - being Ashley Mote is a damn good schive. Still, Ash has promised to return to the European Parliament early in the New Year – UKIPwatcher would be very grateful if people in the Parliament could alert her if there are any spottings!

At least there is one crumb of comfort for the taxpayer – Mote’s £60,000 salary means that he is not eligible to claim legal aid to cover the expense of his appeal, although it probably won’t stop this seasoned fraudster from trying to pull another fast one.

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Interesting story but not half as interesting as the Marine Directive chaos.