Tuesday, January 15

Gorgeous Godfrey - UKIPs Bernard Manning??

Good to see that the Guardian have been picking up enlightening tips by listening to Godders' pod-casts. Personally, UKIPwatcher thinks that Godfrey wit and charm is wasted on politics. There's a real niche market out there for stupid, wilfully ignorant bigotry - perhaps Godfrey thinks he is the new Bernard Manning?

As for the material, such delightful vignettes as "Colonel Mercer put his cock in the custard" (when former Tory front-bencher Patrick Mercer made some casually racist remarks about black soldiers in the army) are hard to beat. However, Godfrey has now decided to make an enemy of Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York. In particular, Godfrey questions the Archbishop's claims that there are racist elements within the Church of England with his usual brand of pig ignorance and casual racism by rambling for a few minutes before concluding - "I would have thought that the fact he was made archbishop with a face as black as Newgate's knocker would belie that". Astonishing….

Of course, Godfrey is a pompous attention seeker who obviously loves the sound of his own voice (why else have a podcast??) and thinks he is funny. He also has no credibility to lose (never had any in the first place) and will be standing down in 2009. The man expected to be UKIPs No 1 candidate in Yorkshire is Jonathan Arnott who, by chance, works as Godders' "political advisor". Perhaps Mr Arnott could reveal whether he writes Godfrey's 'gags' for him?


Anonymous said...

Never heard of him.

Anonymous said...

Has Bloom been to Swindon recently?