Wednesday, January 16

UKIP suspends MEP Tom Wise again!

After what may seam like years of debating the future of UKIP MEP Tom Wise UKIP have once more decided to suspend him. UKIP seem to be dancing around in circles, this is now the UKIP MEP's second suspension. One would hope that this will be the final. How much more of this tom-foolery can we take?

UKIP has finally confirmed that Tom Wise has been suspended following years of speculation and allegations of financial irregularity and a gross abuse of the European Parliaments assistant's allowance. As has been well documented, Wise is alleged to have claimed £40,000 to pay his assistant. However the UKIP MEP was in fact channelling a large amount of this money into his own account. His assistant was only receiving £13,555 whilst Mr Wise spent some of the proceeds on a French car.

UKIP has admitted that the complaint panel that is assessing the case against Tom Wise have confirmed that 'there is a case to answer' and have thus suspended him until a 'hearing'.

This leaves us pondering what the disciplinary hearing will consist of and indeed who from UKIP will be on the panel. If he is indeed found guilty in this hearing will he be dismissed or will he be further suspended until UKIP can make up its mind on this matter?

All this begs a question, how many disciplinary hearings does a UKIP MEP need before he can be found guilty?


Bob Feal-martinez said...

It is very sad when people have nothing better to do than denigrate others. There seems to be a complete lack of knowledge and understanding of how the real world actually works. UKIP have made it very clear that they will act when and if Tom Wise is found guilty or charges with any offence. That is the principle of British Justice, or should that not apply to UKIP MEP's. THis blog is very quick to accuse but very slow to recant. Great hype was made of the Electoral Commissions attempts, for political reason, to bankrupt UKIP the Judge saw through this and aside from a minor amount of repayment, not to the donor but to HMG, a bizarre rule in itself, there was no other penalty. Never mind the millions 'acquired' by the main stream parties. That aside the donor still contributes, paid UKIP's cost and is happy to continue supporting the party. I would suggest that the blog owner gets on with their lives, rather than continuing to destroy a party that has moved on and is now firmly entrenched as the number 4 party and is growing in popularity daily.

Anonymous said...

UKIP Nec member receives death threat?!

Anonymous said...


What do you think about the attitude of Ashley Mote (elected as a UKIP MEP) towards British justice?

Anonymous said...

How about hearing in his own words, how Mr Wise boasts of cheating on expenses?

See here.