Wednesday, January 2

Unwelcome Xmas gift for Cashley Mote

Scandal ridden former U-kipper Ashley Mote had an unwelcome Christmas present, when the Court of Appeal rejected his appeal against his conviction for multiple benefit fraud. Mote has also been ordered to pay back the £67,000 he defrauded from the public purse.

However, Cashley was at pains to insist that “never ever would I seek to defraud the public purse” adding that “ going to the benefits office…was an agonising acknowledgement of at least temporary defeat” and “my only purpose was to get myself off benefit, not to sponge off the state”. No Ashley, you stole nearly £70k of taxpayers’ money.

Hopefully this will be the end of this nonsense and Mote will admit culpibility and stop wasting everybody’s time. This may be wishful thinking since Mote has vowed to “mount a further appeal” in the future.

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