Wednesday, January 2

Whittaker shocked that he can’t sack workers if they have strokes….

UKIP faced yet another court case and yet another defeat just before Christmas, with UKIP party chairman John Whittaker MEP shocked to discover that he can’t keep Victorian employment practices in the 21st century.

Hilary Harris, who ran Mr Whittaker’s constituency office from 2004 to early 2007, brought a case of constructive dismissal after being pressurised to return to work and having her job advertised despite suffering a stroke in December 2006. An employment tribunal duly found that she had been unlawfully dismissed and a substantial pay-out will now be in order.

John Whittaker claimed that the employer/employee relationship was good – “I always thought we got on well” – but it will be a surprise if Mr Whittaker wins any awards for being a good employer.

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