Monday, February 25

Ashley Mote - former U-kipper, benefit fraudster and friend of white supremacists

Not content with fighting with Chichester council over who paid to prosecute him for benefit fraud, Ashley Mote has been spending his time as an elected representative cultivating some interesting friendships. The most shocking is his appearance at a conference organised by the American Renaissance, a white supremacist magazine.

American Renaissance claims, amongst other things, that non-whites pose a demographic threat to western nations and are less intelligent than white people. Indeed, in August 1997, a poll of readers on who had done most for the "white race" gave the most votes to Adolf Hitler.

So, over the weekend, Ashley spoke at the American Renaissance conference as one of "a remarkable group of speakers and guest - undeceived, outspoken and committed to the defense of Western Civilization" alongside racial activists including Sam Dickson, Eugene Valberg and the editor of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor. Former luminaries at AmRen conferences include Ku Klux Klan member David Duke, Don Black, the organiser of the white supremacist website and BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Ash was, of course, a member of the, thankfully, shortlived Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty group in the European Parliament, a group which featured convicted Holocaust denier Bruno Gollnisch (a fellow speaker at the AmRen conference), Jean Marie Le Pen, some Bulgarian fascists and Mussolini's granddaughter. If Ashley has the brass neck to stand for re-election next year, his constituents should be reminded of their MEPs chequered past.

Interested readers may care to take a look at this rogue's gallery of speakers.

UKIP base press release on inaccurate info shocker

Yesterday's Observer, was quick to pour scorn on UKIP after they turned on Prince Charles following his speech to the European Parliament on Climate Change (reported here in more detail on UKIPwatch).

The bombastic press release they put out, which furiously claimed the Prince recieved £70million worth of European subsidies, was swiftly followed by another email to the paper which said: "Ignore press release regarding Prince Charles. Press release based on inaccurate info."

Friday, February 22

Hypocrite Mote has amnesia over UK benefits system

UKIPwatch hoped that it had seen the last of the pompous, thieving hypocrite that is former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote. Fat Chance! In his latest pamphlet, imaginatively titled 'J'accuse', Cashley laughably claims that the UK benefits system "pours money into foreign pockets". This, of course, is the same Ashley Mote who, last year, was sentenced to 9 months in jail sentence after being convicted nearly £70,000 of benefit fraud. You simply couldn't make it up and it is heartening to see Nick Johnson, director of policy at the Institute of Community Cohesion, giving Cashley a piece of his mind.

Still, UKIPwatch has just another year to wait until the 2009 elections when this crook will be out on his ear.

Tuesday, February 19

From Kilroy to Rustie Lee - the demise of UKIPs celebrity culture....

UKIPs spectacular fall from the heights of their 12 MEPs elected in 2004 is summed up by the quality of celebrity they are able to attract to the euro-crank cause. In 2004, it was permatanned chat show host Robert Kilroy-Silk. In 2009, their star attraction is set to be obscure "celebrity" TV chef Rustie Lee whose last regular TV gig was on "TV-am" back in the 1980s.

Of course, as UKIPwatch pointed out a couple of weeks ago, standing as a UKIP parliamentary candidate is not a cheap hobby. Bidding to become a professional europhobe will cost you a £250 deposit just to be interviewed and a further £800 to be a full candidate for the 2009 euro elections. Rustie will have to get selling her new cookery book "A Taste of the Caribbean" to raise the cash.

Monday, February 18

Tit by name, Tit by nature

Demonstrating UKIPs propensity to exaggeration and the disdain they show for the democratic mandate, Jeffrey Titford has called for a campaign of “civil disobedience” to try and block the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

In a speech given to the somewhat ironically named Freedom Association (the thinktank of the extreme right and various wannabe Colonel Blimps), Mr Titford stated “it may even be necessary for our cause to have a martyr, someone of a high profile who is prepared to go to jail to show how repressive the European Union has become”.

Perhaps Titford has forgotten Ashley Mote’s stint in jail for benefit fraud – although it is hard to see how Mr Mote’s attempts to scam the tax payer were a principled opposition to the EU. Either way, it will be pretty impressive if UKIP can manage another jail sentence for one of their members.

Nige Farage - the latest recruit to the republican cause??

Poor Nigel Farage must be devastated. After years of waiting to meet Prince Charles, when the great moment finally came he could only sulk and sit on his hands while others gave the Prince a standing ovation. Leaping on the opportunity to embarrass Nige, Labour leader in Europe, Gary Titley, accused Nige of “anti-Royalism” and disrespectful behaviour towards the Prince.

The Prince, of course, was giving a speech on the role of the EU in tackling climate change during which he told MEPs that “determined and principled leadership has never been more needed. Surely this is just the moment in history for which the European Union was created.” It stands to reason that environmental protection is one of those issues where collective action by the EU 27 is more effective than 27 different approaches.

However, this was a real double whammy for Nige. Not only was the Prince being pro-EU but he was also talking about the fight on climate change (U-kippers, lest we forget, refuse to acknowledge that man-made global warming is a problem). So, he claimed that the Prince’s speech was a “government-approved” plot to influence UK public opinion about the Lisbon Treaty.

Either way, a bit of a fuss about nothing, you might think – most people wouldn’t be too upset at being labelled “anti-Royalist”? But not for UKIP who were mortified that their devotion to the Windsor family was being questioned. The UKIP press officer offers this stiff defence of his leader on his blog -
“UKIP members are probably as a group the most passionate pro-monarchy types in the Kingdoms. They do not see the monarchy as most do, as an attractive aesthetic constitutional bauble plonked on top of the country, there to please the tabloids and foreigners. No as ardent royalist they actually believe in the institution. As such they have done strange things like read the Coronation oath, and what is more believe that it is not just some arcane form of words to be breathed but not lived. They believe that their loyalty to the Monarchy must be reciprocated by the Monarch's loyalty to them.”

So that’s that problem solved – looks like the campaign for an elected head of state will have to wait a bit longer for Nige’s support.

Monday, February 11

UKIP associating with far-right

French MEP Paul-Marie Couteaux who sits with UKIP in the IND/DEM group in the European Parliament last week appeared in Belgrade in support of the Radical Party candidate, Tomislav Nikolić, for the Serbian Presidency. Mr Nikolić has a particularly nasty past including allegations that he was involved with war crimes in Eastern Slavonia, Croatia in 1991. Although he denies involvement in the massacre that took place in the Croatian town Antin in 1991, human rights activists are adamant that he was involved in the massacre.

It seems that Couteaux's friend Mr Nikolić narrowly escaped winning the second-round of the Presidential election which was held on the 3rd February, in which the Radical Party gained 47.69% of the vote. This result will come as a relief to many Europeans, as the winning candidate pro-western European Mr Tadić will now remain in Office until 2012. The election victory for Mr Tadić was not helped by our friend Mr Couteaux who spoke at an election rally for the Radical Party candidate in support of his far-right politics.

Mr Couteaux demonstrated his political judgement when he made the following speech in the European Parliament calling for the EU to provide the Palestinians with nuclear weapons!!!

"There is, however, another serious imbalance for which we are in part responsible, namely the imbalance of forces. I have no hesitation in saying that we must consider giving the Arab side a large enough force, including a large enough nuclear force, to persuade Israel that it cannot simply do whatever it wants."

The sad thing is that Mr Couteaux is just one of the many extremist fruitloops UKIP MEP's sit with in the IND/DEM group.