Monday, February 25

Ashley Mote - former U-kipper, benefit fraudster and friend of white supremacists

Not content with fighting with Chichester council over who paid to prosecute him for benefit fraud, Ashley Mote has been spending his time as an elected representative cultivating some interesting friendships. The most shocking is his appearance at a conference organised by the American Renaissance, a white supremacist magazine.

American Renaissance claims, amongst other things, that non-whites pose a demographic threat to western nations and are less intelligent than white people. Indeed, in August 1997, a poll of readers on who had done most for the "white race" gave the most votes to Adolf Hitler.

So, over the weekend, Ashley spoke at the American Renaissance conference as one of "a remarkable group of speakers and guest - undeceived, outspoken and committed to the defense of Western Civilization" alongside racial activists including Sam Dickson, Eugene Valberg and the editor of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor. Former luminaries at AmRen conferences include Ku Klux Klan member David Duke, Don Black, the organiser of the white supremacist website and BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Ash was, of course, a member of the, thankfully, shortlived Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty group in the European Parliament, a group which featured convicted Holocaust denier Bruno Gollnisch (a fellow speaker at the AmRen conference), Jean Marie Le Pen, some Bulgarian fascists and Mussolini's granddaughter. If Ashley has the brass neck to stand for re-election next year, his constituents should be reminded of their MEPs chequered past.

Interested readers may care to take a look at this rogue's gallery of speakers.


Anonymous said...

Was Mote one of the MEPs who held up banners in the European Parliament last week demanding that the Commission orders member states to have referendums on the Lisbon Treaty? If so, was it a banner provided by UKIP by any chance?

Anonymous said...

An interesting dimension of Mote in Washington has been rasied by the Guardian newspaper diary columnist. Is Mote required to inform the US authorities in advance of his conviction? If so, did he? If not, how did he get into the US? Did he pull rank as an MEP? It would be interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

You might also want to check the list of speakers for a recent UKIP rally in Exeter. Very very disturbing.