Friday, February 22

Hypocrite Mote has amnesia over UK benefits system

UKIPwatch hoped that it had seen the last of the pompous, thieving hypocrite that is former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote. Fat Chance! In his latest pamphlet, imaginatively titled 'J'accuse', Cashley laughably claims that the UK benefits system "pours money into foreign pockets". This, of course, is the same Ashley Mote who, last year, was sentenced to 9 months in jail sentence after being convicted nearly £70,000 of benefit fraud. You simply couldn't make it up and it is heartening to see Nick Johnson, director of policy at the Institute of Community Cohesion, giving Cashley a piece of his mind.

Still, UKIPwatch has just another year to wait until the 2009 elections when this crook will be out on his ear.

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