Monday, February 11

UKIP associating with far-right

French MEP Paul-Marie Couteaux who sits with UKIP in the IND/DEM group in the European Parliament last week appeared in Belgrade in support of the Radical Party candidate, Tomislav Nikolić, for the Serbian Presidency. Mr Nikolić has a particularly nasty past including allegations that he was involved with war crimes in Eastern Slavonia, Croatia in 1991. Although he denies involvement in the massacre that took place in the Croatian town Antin in 1991, human rights activists are adamant that he was involved in the massacre.

It seems that Couteaux's friend Mr Nikolić narrowly escaped winning the second-round of the Presidential election which was held on the 3rd February, in which the Radical Party gained 47.69% of the vote. This result will come as a relief to many Europeans, as the winning candidate pro-western European Mr Tadić will now remain in Office until 2012. The election victory for Mr Tadić was not helped by our friend Mr Couteaux who spoke at an election rally for the Radical Party candidate in support of his far-right politics.

Mr Couteaux demonstrated his political judgement when he made the following speech in the European Parliament calling for the EU to provide the Palestinians with nuclear weapons!!!

"There is, however, another serious imbalance for which we are in part responsible, namely the imbalance of forces. I have no hesitation in saying that we must consider giving the Arab side a large enough force, including a large enough nuclear force, to persuade Israel that it cannot simply do whatever it wants."

The sad thing is that Mr Couteaux is just one of the many extremist fruitloops UKIP MEP's sit with in the IND/DEM group.

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Any info on Ashley Mote's alleged possible participation in a "political rally" in the US this month?