Thursday, March 13

Batten - Lets bring back the rope

Gerard Batten is an interesting political character - combining an unhealthy obsession with sharia law with political beliefs that put him slightly to the right of Genghis Khan.

It seems that part of his pitch to become London mayor is to bring back the death penalty, ignoring the fact that the death penalty is a barbaric practice that has no place in a civilised society and is no better than state-administered murder. U-kippers would do well not to base their policies on the book of Deuteronomy.

Needless to say Gerard's death penalty rant still managed to find a way to blame everything on the EU, claiming that "even if a British government had the guts to reinstate the death penalty they would be prevented from doing so" on the grounds that membership of the EU forbids capital punishment. It is, of course, true that this is one of the terms of EU membership. And a bloody good thing too.


Anonymous said...

Any info on UKIP and their rally guest Sean Gabb? Yuk, Yuk, Yuk. Wonder what British politics' worst press office will come up with when that story hits the press.

Anonymous said...

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