Wednesday, March 5

Farage, the Sunday Times and family affairs

UKIPwatcher was amused by the story in last week's Sunday Times alleging that Nigel Farage was employing his wife and his son. Nige has vigorously denied employing his son and threatened to take legal action against the Sunday Times which has, as yet, not retracted the story. Rumours abound that the story may have been fed to the Sunday Times by a maverick U-kipper with an axe to grind with Farage (although UKIPwatcher appreciates that this doesn't narrow things down very much!).

However, the story was particularly surprising to UKIPwatcher as Master Farage is, apparently, such a devoted follower of his father's political career that he is a member of Conservative Future, the youth wing of the Tory party!!!

Notwithstanding the fact that it's distressing for a family to be divided by party politics - it'll be interesting to follow this one and see whether the Times backs down, not least because Farage put in a particularly bombastic performance on Newsnight just three days before the exposé.


Anonymous said...

1. Has he sought a retraction or apology from the Sunday Times?

2. Has he addressed a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission?

Anonymous said...

10 priorities for UKIP:

1. Ban renewal energy
2. Eat more salt
3. Make a joke about women
4. Repeat the same joke about women endlessly
5. Arrest dead prime ministers
6. Pretend to be a chicken
7. Criticise Prince Charles
8. Withdraw criticsim of Prince Charles
9. Get more than 4 people to turn up at the biggest rally ever
10. Apply to rejoin the Tory party around about July 2009

Anonymous said...

I am a bit disappointed that UKIP have not yet condemned Marks and Spencers for their decision to charge for plastic bags to discourage use. Days have gone by and still no statement a) to blame the EU for imposing this sort of thing; and b) no production of top class research evidence to prove that plastic bags are good for the planet. C'mon UKIP where's your kneejerk gone?

Anonymous said...

Any answer yet on the questions put by anon 9.41?

Anonymous said...

May I repeat the question I posted here some time ago.