Thursday, March 27

Godders and Tim Kirkhope - the end of the Bentley affair

Godfrey Bloom continues to cultivate his reputation as a throwback to Colonel Blimp and is always good for a chuckle. He is famous for a love of the high-life - commenting when he saw his £60,000 MEPs salary that "I can't possibly live on that". His latest foray into the press would indicate that he may have had a point, since one of Godfrey's 'passions' is his beloved 1982 classic Bentley and his membership of the Bentley Drivers' Club.

He is not the only Yorkshire MEP to favour the Bentley as his drive of choice; Tory Tim Kirkhope is a fellow enthusiast and member of Godders' driving club.

However, their enjoying friendship as Bentley lovers has bitten the dust, after Godders', taking umbrage at being fined £400 by President Pöttering for heckling the Portuguese Prime Minister, bizarrely claimed that Kirkhope was responsible for the fine as a member of the Parliament's Constitutional Affairs committee. The great man even accused Tim of "caddish behaviour". In the words of Frankie Howerd: "Ooh er missus".

Accusing a fellow classic car owner of "caddish behaviour" is the thin end of the wedge and hardly the way a true gentleman should behave. Watch out for Kirkhope challenging Godders to a dual - pistols at dawn, sir!


Anonymous said...

It's a pity that you try to sully a decent man on an otherwise worhty blog. UKIP is history by the next elections - that's clear but the Tories will still be around. It is a shame that you seek to undermine honourable opponents rather than the fruitcakes.

Anonymous said...

At least Kirkhope is a gentleman!