Tuesday, March 11

Now the Devil's Kitchen deserts UKIP

UKIPs member haemorrhage continues unabated. The foul-mouthed old-Etonian Chris Mounsey, who runs the Devil's Kitchen blog, is the latest to jump ship, leaving UKIP to become communications director for the fledgling Libertarian party.

Chris Mounsey, who last year stood as a candidate for UKIPs NEC, is notorious for swear-ridden and violent blog posts. It's unclear how this philosophy will fit into a party whose motto is "for life, liberty and prosperity".


Anonymous said...

It's not exactly Churchill closing the floor of the house. In fact it isn't even Quentin whoever he was crossing the floor of the house but it is indicative of the gradual collapse of UKIP, a collapse which will be hastened by the voters in just over a year from now. They can't even hold on to their own strange people.

Anonymous said...

Did he jump or was he pushed?

Anonymous said...

He has now found a new outlet for his creative talents selling t-shirts online. Well it's a step up from UKIP I suppose.