Tuesday, March 11

UKIPs bid for Oscar glory

Demonstrating again their talent for making sinister film, UKIP have released "Remote Control", a video in which they again try to portray the EU as the epitome of evil. Alongside the stupidly portentous music come the usual cacophony of myths and exaggerations. One thing's for sure - the academy can sleep easy.

One of the odder claims in the film is that 98% of France's contributions to the EU budget go back to France, while the humble British taxpayer forks out £14bn a year. A little cursory research reveals that this is total rubbish. France makes a net contribution of £3bn per year, slightly less than the UK contribution of £3.9bn - incidentally, the net contributions of France and the UK combined are still less than the £8bn contribution made by Germany.

UKIPwatcher's favourite moment is when Nige Farage comments that "our way of life going back centuries is under threat". How Nige? Is the Lisbon Treaty going to abolish village cricket, steak and kidney pud and public schools?

Interestingly Nigel repeats his claim that 75% of UK laws are made in Brussels. As readers will be aware, this is a matter where U-kippers have tended to disagree, usually picking a random figure between 50 and 90% and passing it off as the gospel truth. However, Nige does seem to have settled on 75%, presumably against the advice of UKIP spin doctor Eliab Harvey aka Gawain Towler who wrote on this blog that "80%......is the figure that we will appropriate from now on". Clarification gentlemen, please!


Ian B said...

"A little cursory research" is sometimes insufficient. According to wikipedia's reporting of Eurostat's figures here-


the UK contribution is 13,739,900,046 Euro, opposed to the French contribution of 17,303,107,859 Euro. So the UK contribution is around £10.5bn.

Where did your cursory research get your figures from?

UKIPWatcher said...

Sorry Ian, but I'm using the Treasury rather than Wikipedia. In 2006 our net contribution was £3.9bn, the French just over £3bn. It's the Germans who really foot the bill for the EU budget.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the UKIP sycophants are having a vote on Farage's best media performance so far. My own favourite is the time Tony Blair made a fool of him in from of the European Parliament.