Tuesday, April 29

Tom Wise saga rumbles on

The Tom Wise alleged embezzlement saga rumbles on into its third year still, apparently, no closer to being closed.

It is claimed in the Bedfordshire press that Bedfordshire Chief constable Gillian Parker told Mr Wise that no action would be taken against him. As the police investigation is still ongoing it could be argued that this prejudices the continued investigations into Mr Wise. Meanwhile, local councillor Andrew McConnell gives his two cents worth here - calling for UKIP to sack Wise.

It is now three years since the first investigations into Tom Wise's alleged embezzlement of over £35,000 of his assistance allowance. What are the odds that it'll still be going when next year's European elections are held?

Wednesday, April 23

Bob Spink - man of "determination and principle"

UKIPwatch referred to the Farage 'kiss of death' describing disgraced former Tory and now UKIP MP Bob Spink as a man of "determination and principle".

Once again Nigel demonstrates his unerring judge of character. In an email sent last month to his former colleague Nadine Dorries MP, Spink asks "what is this nonsense about me joining UKIP….How do they make it up", before going on to add that "being Independent….works for me and should give me more influence"

A fairly clear statement you might think.

Four weeks later……Bob Spink joins UKIP. Clearly a man of "determination and principle", eh Nige.

As Bob points out, "the wonderful people of Castle Point…are very astute and know exactly what has been going on" - in which case you'd better start thinking about your next job Bob, because the seat won't be yours for long.

Tuesday, April 22

Too extreme for the Tories, Spink joins UKIP

So Nigel Farage's wet dream has come true and UKIP have their first seat in the Commons to go with their two hereditary peers and nine remaining MEPs after Castle Point MP Bob Spink, who was kicked out of the Tory party last month, joined UKIP.

Bob Spink would be diplomatically described as a 'controversial' or 'colourful' character and more accurately described as being more right-wing than Attila the Hun. Back in 2005, his main campaign was to attack asylum seekers under the slogan "what part of send them back don't you understand, Mr Blair". Given UKIPs anti-immigrant mantra and Nigel Farage's comments about black people, UKIPwatch is sure that Spink will fell at home in UKIP.

His complicated office arrangements also demonstrate that he will be amongst friends in UKIP - in February it was revealed that Spink was employing his daughter, ex-wife and the daughter of his ex-lover out of his parliamentary office allowance, truly a remarkable achievement.

Unfortunately for Bob, Nigel Farage has already put the kiss of death on him by describing him as "hard working and deeply principled". However, when it comes to his parliamentary seat, Mr Spink is a bit more defensive, claiming that a by-election is unnecessary as: "I was elected as Bob Spink". Yes, Bob, but you were also elected on the Conservative party ticket, while the official UKIP candidate got 7% of the vote. It's fair to say that the people of Castle Point did not elect a UKIP MP.

However, UKIP had better enjoy having an MP while it lasts. There is as much chance of Gerard Batten becoming Mayor of London as UKIP winning a Westminster seat and Castle Point will again be a Tory/Labour marginal when the next general election is called.

Those who can, do; those who can't, chat

The day UKIP wields any power will be a desperate, desperate time but occasionally they come out with an idea so preposterous it would be quite intriguing to see just how they would go about fulfilling their madcap ideas.

Gerard Batten's campaign for the London mayoral elections is a case in point. In between complaining he's not being invited to hustings, he's also promising a five year freeze on immigration.

Quite how Batten proposes to do this remains unclear; other than letting in the odd person with the "right skills" he's not really gone into detail. Hopefully it will involve some heavily-armed border guards racing around the M25 shouting at anyone in an Audi who works in advertising to get back to Essex before sunset or they'll face big trouble but it will probably just mean targeting foreign types.

Being the savvy politician that he is, Batten does actually admit there's nothing he can actually do about immigration should he win but he has promised to talk about it.

So, um, yup he appears to be promising something he can't deliver but he will at least chat about it. Right, that sounds, err, good. Lets hope future UKIP promises include getting everyone into heaven (except from immigrants) and getting everyone a game for a Premiership football club (except for immigrants). That will be some good talking.

Tuesday, April 1

We're not racist, we just don't like immigrants......

It was interesting to see a UKIP leaflet produced for the recent council by-election in Wyre Borough. It didn't do much good, with UKIP finishing fourth behind the BNP. is the standard UKIP fare, but one paragraph is particularly amusing:

"Of British parties only UKIP voted against EU enlargement in the European Parliament that has resulted in over 600,000 Eastern European immigrants entering Britain. It is IMPOSSIBLE to regain control of our borders within the EU. UKIP will freeze immigration for 5 years and speed up deportation of up to 1 million illegal immigrants. UKIP is a non racist/non sectarian party."

You couldn't make it up…..