Wednesday, April 23

Bob Spink - man of "determination and principle"

UKIPwatch referred to the Farage 'kiss of death' describing disgraced former Tory and now UKIP MP Bob Spink as a man of "determination and principle".

Once again Nigel demonstrates his unerring judge of character. In an email sent last month to his former colleague Nadine Dorries MP, Spink asks "what is this nonsense about me joining UKIP….How do they make it up", before going on to add that "being Independent….works for me and should give me more influence"

A fairly clear statement you might think.

Four weeks later……Bob Spink joins UKIP. Clearly a man of "determination and principle", eh Nige.

As Bob points out, "the wonderful people of Castle Point…are very astute and know exactly what has been going on" - in which case you'd better start thinking about your next job Bob, because the seat won't be yours for long.

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Anonymous said...

So UKIP gets a seat in the House of Commons without ever coming anywhere near winning an election. Surely it is time to reform this system where someone can get elected for one party and then switch to another. It reeks of rotten borough.