Tuesday, April 22

Those who can, do; those who can't, chat

The day UKIP wields any power will be a desperate, desperate time but occasionally they come out with an idea so preposterous it would be quite intriguing to see just how they would go about fulfilling their madcap ideas.

Gerard Batten's campaign for the London mayoral elections is a case in point. In between complaining he's not being invited to hustings, he's also promising a five year freeze on immigration.

Quite how Batten proposes to do this remains unclear; other than letting in the odd person with the "right skills" he's not really gone into detail. Hopefully it will involve some heavily-armed border guards racing around the M25 shouting at anyone in an Audi who works in advertising to get back to Essex before sunset or they'll face big trouble but it will probably just mean targeting foreign types.

Being the savvy politician that he is, Batten does actually admit there's nothing he can actually do about immigration should he win but he has promised to talk about it.

So, um, yup he appears to be promising something he can't deliver but he will at least chat about it. Right, that sounds, err, good. Lets hope future UKIP promises include getting everyone into heaven (except from immigrants) and getting everyone a game for a Premiership football club (except for immigrants). That will be some good talking.

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Anonymous said...

UKIP is in celebratoy mood today having finally secured a seat in the House of Commons. The fact that UKIP has still failed to get a single MP elected throughout its entire history seems to be neither here nor there to the cranks who are serving themselves extra fruitcake today. Democracy never was a strongpoint with them. The fact remains that no member of the British public has ever cast a vote which has result in UKIP membership of the House of Commons.