Tuesday, April 22

Too extreme for the Tories, Spink joins UKIP

So Nigel Farage's wet dream has come true and UKIP have their first seat in the Commons to go with their two hereditary peers and nine remaining MEPs after Castle Point MP Bob Spink, who was kicked out of the Tory party last month, joined UKIP.

Bob Spink would be diplomatically described as a 'controversial' or 'colourful' character and more accurately described as being more right-wing than Attila the Hun. Back in 2005, his main campaign was to attack asylum seekers under the slogan "what part of send them back don't you understand, Mr Blair". Given UKIPs anti-immigrant mantra and Nigel Farage's comments about black people, UKIPwatch is sure that Spink will fell at home in UKIP.

His complicated office arrangements also demonstrate that he will be amongst friends in UKIP - in February it was revealed that Spink was employing his daughter, ex-wife and the daughter of his ex-lover out of his parliamentary office allowance, truly a remarkable achievement.

Unfortunately for Bob, Nigel Farage has already put the kiss of death on him by describing him as "hard working and deeply principled". However, when it comes to his parliamentary seat, Mr Spink is a bit more defensive, claiming that a by-election is unnecessary as: "I was elected as Bob Spink". Yes, Bob, but you were also elected on the Conservative party ticket, while the official UKIP candidate got 7% of the vote. It's fair to say that the people of Castle Point did not elect a UKIP MP.

However, UKIP had better enjoy having an MP while it lasts. There is as much chance of Gerard Batten becoming Mayor of London as UKIP winning a Westminster seat and Castle Point will again be a Tory/Labour marginal when the next general election is called.

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