Monday, May 5

UKIP play the blame game after poll drubbing

The London Mayoral election and local elections were pretty awful for the Government, but the unnoticed disaster was UKIP's performance with the party's candidate finishing seventh in the Mayoral race and the party being wiped out of the Assembly. In the town hall elections across the UK, they finished with a grand total of 8 councillors, fewer than, for example, the BNP, Greens, the old Liberal party and the Kidderminster Health Concern party.

UKIP had spent the weeks leading up to polling day claiming that they were the fourth party in London. Back in 2004, boxing promoter Frank Maloney polled 6% in the mayoral race and 115,000 first preference votes. Last Thursday, however, the hapless Gerard Batten picked up a paltry 22,000 votes - 0.9% - well behind the Greens, the BNP and the Christian People's Alliance.

The BNP picked up 5.3% of the vote and 1 seat on the Assembly. It is hugely disappointing that an unreconstructed fascist party like the BNP has won a seat on the Assembly, but the vote share picked up by the extreme right in London has declined significantly since 2004 when UKIP took 10% and 2 seats and the BNP took 4.7%, narrowly missing out on a seat.

UKIP press officer Annabelle Fuller puts up this threadbare and deeply embittered defence, blaming (no, this isn't a joke) the media for the Greens finishing fourth and the BNP winning the battle of the extreme right, because by giving cursory coverage to the Greens and the reviled BNP, UKIP were denied the media spotlight. No, Annabelle, the Greens get more coverage than UKIP because they have more elected representatives and get more votes. She also describes the party of Caroline Lucas and Darren Johnson as "the Communist Green Party". It's fair to say that Ms Fuller has never read any Marx…..

It is also interesting to see her endorsement of Boris Johnson - "I'm not a Tory, but I think Boris is a bloody good bloke". Fuller, of course, was involved in Conservative Future until a couple of years ago. With UKIP so obviously a busted flush, does she think defecting back to the Tories will be a good career move?

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Anonymous said...

That particular UKIP press officer shows once again that the best comedy is often unintentional.