Tuesday, May 20

Venal Mote to pay back fraud cash - but has he received legal aid

Disgraced former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote has been ordered to repay £67,000 of benefits he falsely claimed after losing his appeal at the Court of Appeal. Mote has tried every procedural trick in the book to thwart and delay attempts to bring him to justice, but finally will be forced to pay back the taxpayers’ money he stole.

One question that begs to be asked is where is he getting the money to pay his lawyers. Unless Cashley is getting legal aid his legal bills must be enormous as it is now over three years since he was formally charged with benefit fraud. Indeed, three years of running legal bills would probably make him close to bankruptcy. The other possibility (not completely unlikely since Mote is notoriously pompous and self-regarding) is that he has represented himself. If, however, Mote has been receiving legal aid, then this is a scandalous misuse of public money that must run to tens of thousands of public money. Legal aid is designed to help those who can’t afford a lawyer, not MEPs earning £60,000 plus expenses a year. I think we should be told…..

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