Thursday, June 19

Get real Gawain!

UKIPwatcher's eyes were drawn to this piece in the Irish Independent by Fionnan Sheahan on the eurosceptics who helped campaign for a 'No' vote in last week's referendum in Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty. It's good fun, knockabout stuff. However, not for a certain Mr Towler, who took umbrage at Sheahan's description of UKIP as "the golf club version of the BNP". Pretty accurate, although UKIPwatch thinks they're more like the BNP with posh voices. Mr Towler was probably also offended by Sheahan's reminder that Alistair McConnachie, the five-time UKIP candidate and former national executive member, endorsed David Irving's denial of the Holocaust.

Nonetheless, UKIPwatcher has some time for Mr Towler, who despite questionable political beliefs is an eloquent blogger. However, his claim that UKIP is a party with a "love of liberty" is, not to put too fine a point on it, more than a little rich. Last week, Bob Spink, whose dishonourable defection from the Tories means that UKIP have an MP until the next general election, voted to increase the length of time that terror suspects can be banged up without trial to 42 days. UKIPs refusal to vote in favour of a European Parliament report on combating female genital mutilation and hardline anti-immigration stance might also be considered by some to be at odds with claims to be a "party of liberty". To be blunt, Gawain Towler may be a libertarian, but his party certainly ain't.

Besides, if Gawain really thinks that UKIP is closest to the Irish Progressive Democrats (the party of former President of the European Parliament Pat Cox) then he really does needs his head examining.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! It's all a lost cause.
CUBA= watch this space.

Corbett's gone,followed by a few other areas,(cough)

Irish Independent report? PMSL.
Where's yasmin ali brown?Look's like someone's vote is really going to rise=watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Pat Cox left the PDs to become an independent when he was an MEP. Nevertheless to compare UKIP with the PDs is plainly absurd and shows a lack of knowledge of Irish politics. Sounds like a quick google job to me.

Anonymous said...

In another major blow to Farage, his predecessor as UKIP leader and right hand man Jeffrey Titford MEP has thrown in the towel. Will Farage have anyone left by the time of the elections?