Wednesday, June 18

UKIP party democracy and more on the neverending Tom Wise saga

With wearisome predictability, the extended car crash that is the Tom Wise saga has taken a fresh twist. Len Baynes, the chairman and founder of the Fenland and Cambridge branches of UKIP has resigned, leaving a parting shot that UKIP has been taken over by "career opportunists".

UKIPwatch was particularly amused to read Baynes' questions about Farage's approach to party democracy:

"(Nigel) is treating the party as his own personal property. The branches as such get no support whatsoever and I was surprised when asked to attend an NEC meeting to explain the worries of my members that I was not allowed to speak."

Hmmm - this would be the same Nigel Farage that is so fond of lecturing EU politicians that they are undemocratic and don't listen to the people? Funny that.

Moreover, anyone who needing reminding that UKIP couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery should read this as, pouring another can of petrol onto the already smouldering fire, Baynes contradicted the standard UKIP line that Tom Wise is no longer a UKIP MEP - "in 2008 he met with all the top politicians of the Channel Islands along with UKIP MEP Roger Knapman and was indeed described by the press as a UKIP MEP. He has also had his membership of UKIP renewed in March 2008, a year after the whip was withdrawn. I find this baffling and can get no reason or comments from anyone."

So Wise is a UKIP MEP? Well, not according to this statement by Nige Farage.

All of which begs the question: if Wise is still a member of UKIP, will he be standing for re-election next year on the UKIP ticket?

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Anonymous said...

Why would a 'career opportunist' join UKIP? Would there not be better career opporunities with Barings Bank?