Wednesday, July 30

The plot thickens around Tom Wise

It seems that Tom Wise has been arrested for a second time, with the Hemel Gazette reporting that Wise has been arrested on suspicion of making a false instrument, obtaining money by deception and converting criminal property. Wise has been released on police bail until 29th October, leading to renewed rumours that he may become the second UKIP MEP elected in 2004 to face criminal charges.

UKIP will no doubt claim that Tom Wise has been expelled from the party and is sitting as an independent, but a little look at the Electoral Commission's website would suggest that Wise and his lady wife are still the Treasurer and First Officer of their local UKIP branch (surprising that the UKIP South-Bedfordshire branch would entrust their accounts to a man under investigation for alleged fraud, but that's another matter).

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Maybe the website has not been updated?