Wednesday, July 9

When europhobes fall out

Like a car crash shown in slow motion, the Tom Wise saga has been excruciating but compelling viewing. First UKIP backed him, then they said they'd sacked him, then they said he was innocent. Now Tom Wise, who it seems has finally been kicked out of UKIP and the IND-DEM group (although you wouldn't think so to see his website), seems to have decided that if he's going to be hung out to dry then he'll take a few former colleagues with him.

This open letter by Wise alleging "inappropriate or even illegal" use of IND-DEM funds is dynamite, but builds on similar information sent anonymously to UKIPwatcher a few weeks ago. He states that "following consultations, I have presented this (evidence) to Roger Vanhaeran, Director General of Finance, who has subsequently confirmed that this matter is now the subject of a formal investigation".

All this is interesting enough, but small potatoes compared to this bile-laden response from the superbly named Herman Verheirstraaten, the Secretary General of IND-DEM. The Hermanator accuses Wise of lying, incompetence, treachery…you name it.

There are numerous nuggets in Vanheirstraaten's ripost, and UKIPwatch was particularly tickled by "I still owe you the bottle of UKIP labelled champagne you gave me for all my help during the financial investigation against you. I can't possibly drink it, because it would taste very sour". Kind of sums UKIP up really.

So, according to a UKIP MEP, UKIPs political group has made illegal donations to the EU Democrats, and Nigel Farage was either complicit or at least knew what was going on. Intriguingly, Vanheirstraaten urges Wise to name the two EU Democrat employees he claims are being illegally employed by IND-DEM. The question is whether the notoriously indiscreet Wise will take the bait.

All in all, it's like a third-rate crime thriller. Still, just ten months until the electorate will be able to put this bunch of clowns out of their misery.

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Has EUObserver reported on this by any chance?