Thursday, September 4

The farce continues as UKIP No 1 in North-West resigns

Just a week after the results of UKIP's MEP selection were announced the party continues to suffer embarrassment.

Gregg Beaman, who was ranked No 1 by UKIP party members in the North-West, and would have hoped to cling on to the seat won by John Whittaker in 2004, has resigned from his candidacy. Not content with that, he has resigned as UKIP Regional Organiser for the North-West.

All of which leaves UKIP staffer Paul Nuttal as No 1 in the North-West - unless the rumours of impropriety turn out to be true and the entire election is re-run.

Funnily enough, there is not a single prominent mention on UKIP's freshly designed website on their candidate selections for next year. Strange that!


Anonymous said...

In a newspaper poll UKIP has been voted the 16th biggest waste of space in the UK sandwiched between Peaches Geldof and The Cheeky Girls. "Biggest waste of space" eh? I always thought UKIP was the UK's smallest waste of space.

Homer said...

Anonymous said...

Is Ashley Mote standing for election again next year?