Wednesday, September 10

Is Ashley Mote crossing the floor to the BNP

It looks as though the chequered political career of Ashley Mote is not yet complete. The convicted benefit fraudster and former UKIP MEP is apparently attempting to seek re-election in next year's European election…….heading the BNP list in the South-East where he was elected along with Nigel Farage for UKIP in 2004. And you thought he couldn't stoop any lower.


Anonymous said...

How wide is the floor?

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it just shows now that these people are in fact of such disreputable character just as we had all suspected all along. I say jokingly... Firstly, just forgetting about the politics and going in for an attack on character is seriously 'last resort' stuff. Secondly, there would not be room on this blog or the time necessary to make a list of the many historical disgraces of the mainstream political parties. You could summarise this story by simply saying 'convicted criminal excluded from UKIP many years ago now rumoured to join BNP. Therefore, UKIP=racist' - what a joke... What about a discussion on UKIP politics instead of a slur on character?

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I have just come across this site, no bias there then (Much)

What on earth are you lot afraid of, if UKIP is such a nonentity and in a mess as you imply, why so much hate and vitriol and persistent putdown.

Methinks the commies and sometime liberals are worried that their world is about to collapse around them in a very big way.

Shout all you want you trots you are sooon to be history.

It will be so refreshing to have a democracy for a change and the enevitable referendum, which you are all so afraid of.